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A Designer’s Best-Kept Secret

Word is out—the designer’s best-kept secret source for exotic home furnishings is revealed. In the trade, Via Diva has a dedicated underground following that demands to be notified as soon as the latest containers arrive full of treasures from China, Indonesia, India, and other exotic ports.

The outside of this funky showroom/warehouse/attic gives scant evidence to the unique collection of furniture, statuary, architectural elements, lighting, and accessories found inside. What you will discover at Via Diva depends on what owner Lou Holliday uncovers on his travels throughout Asia, and the mix is constantly changing as each new container arrives.

When you visit Via Diva, bring your imagination with you. Some will look at a vintage Chinese cabinet and see a cabinet, while others see the vanity that will transform their bathroom. Still others find it to be the perfect piece to put under their flat-screen television and house their video components. You can find a drum that makes a perfect cocktail table, an old teak fence section for a headboard, or a Chinese barn door for your wine cellar.

The collection extends from furnishings and accessories not only for your home’s interior, but also for your home’s exterior with its wide selection of statuary and artifacts. One month it’s giant stone pots and sugar cauldrons from Indonesia turned into fire pits. Another month it will be exquisitely carved statuary from China.

You won’t find Via Diva’s selection anywhere else, save for the exotic far-flung locales in which they originated. No matter what your style, you’re sure to find that perfect piece for your home at Via Diva—and that’s no secret.

Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Via Diva Home Furnishings is located at 516 Irwin Street, San Rafael. For more information, call (415) 257-8881.